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Seamless (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

My name is Alissa, Alissa Lakes. I'm one of the most normal people you would ever know! Well, except for the fact that I'm a vampire! The only person who knows my secret is Veronica Miller, my best friend since I've moved here to L.A from London...It's only been 3 months...Not even my parents know my secret. My dad is a university teacher at U.C.L.A and my mom is an interior designer for the company Polliani INC. I hear my mom calling me down for Breakfast. I slide down the stairs to our kitchen. "Morning Mom" I said "Good morning Darling, Ready for school?"  Yeah, just let me go upstairs to get my bag."  As I go up, I wonder what we are going to do tonight, since its a Friday night           , "Alissa Darling, we will be going to visit your aunt Jessica's restaurant, Delisisno!"Mom said "Great!" I replied " Can Veronica come with us?" Ding-Dong, That's her ring. I went to open the door''Hey'' said Veronica ''Hey,'' I said back ''Do you have your cell on you?" i asked "No, Why?" she asked back, "Well, we are going to my aunt's restaurant and i was wondering if you would like to come with us" I said, perfectly explaining it "Sure, i'd love to come, but I'll ask Isabel just in case" she said, running across the street, Isabel D'Monita is Veronica's Step-mom . I am so glad we live across the street from each other. With my instincts  i didn't even realize that she came back in the room, or that the doorbell rang.. "She said Yes!" Veronica said excitedly
                                                                                                                      "Now run along, dears or you will be late for school!" my mom said, pushing us out the door.. Veronica looked at her spy watch that her real mom gave her before she and Veronica's dad died in Russian Spy Association...I was so surprised when she told me! "Alissa, ALISSA!" she yelled "What?" i snapped to her "We are going to be late for school!" she said...School was pretty much school, I got an A+ in History and  a B+ in Math..I sigh, I did'nt get any classes with Veronica  because they made up some stupid rule and I have to be with Lacy Hutchings...She's Principal Hutchings daughter, so she thinks that she's the ruler of the entire student body... Her dad is a lawyer so, she can sue anyone she wants! Poor Lillian Sobers.. Don't even get me started on her older sister Layla, she's a judge.. So Lacy has a sparkly pink gavel on her desk! How unfair is that!!?? Bringggg. There's the bell, Time for Fashion with Miss ''I'm So Perfect''.  ''OK, Class.. So we will be starting an about 4 week project on the 1920 Flappers!" Ms.Thompson said casually sipping her cinnamon spice latte.
I give her outfit a look-a white blouse with a few frills, Levi Strauss Jeans, Black Lace Flats from "I am who I am", and to top it all of, a Gucci signature 2012 handbag with DKNY purple sunglasses popping out of the brim-  "Lacy!" I snapped "We need to get started on our project".."Okay, Okay" Lacy said, staring at the mirror in her compact. "Will Alissa Lakes and Veronica Miller please come to the office to leave for the day?'' the PA said 

Quickly slinging my bag over my shoulder i say bye to Ms.Thompson and As soon as the door is closed i sprint down the hallway and stuff my sketchbook into my bag..I would never ever show  it to anyone, not even Veronica! I skidded down to the office and opened the door "ALISSA! Honey!" My mother sounded way too excited than usual and a bit shaky "The people at Polliani INC. had a draw for 5 million thousand, three hundred and eighty-five dollars and..and I WON!!" She was shaking and in huge sobs,  she was crying.....

"So, we'll be taking our stretch limo-with the pool- to Delisisno! But your father won't be coming with us, and..and..and". We got into the car-excuse me- limo and Veronica and I just disappeared into the fluffy sofa cushions of the huge sofa's all around us, "Heaven" I murmured. Otherwise, I wonder about the new girl in school, Paige Evans . She moved here from Tennessee  last fall after the mass shooting, where her dad died. Her Mom is the Sophia Evans and she is super pretty. I take out my iPhone and listen to "Some Nights" by F.U.N on Music. "Hey Mom" I said " I'm gonna go get a coke from the back. K?". My mother nods " Ok, Dear" " After Jessica's Restaurant  we'll be going to my old friend's house. Perhaps you know her daughter? Lacy Hu-" Veronica and I screamed "LACY HUTCHINGS??"My mom laughed while Veronica and I Cried hysterically on the sofas. Soon we were there,not at Lacy's, but at the restaurant ." Jessica!" My mom shouted "Kate!" she said back "It's so good to see you again" she exclaimed.. " So, What would You Girls like to eat?'' '' What do you serve'' i said cautiously '' We serve anything for family!'' Time passed and we left for Lacy's. 

The Limo arrived at Lacy's at half past 6 and Veronica and i got out of the limo and stretched while waiting for my mom. Veronica and I slouched all the way to the front door, grumbling, We rang the doorbell, Veronica and I complaining to James, our family driver and my mother. Lacy Hutchings finally opening the door and saying: ''Oh, It's you.'' in a blasted, disgusted tone. She yelled to somewhere in her house. ''MO-OM!'' and then she took the elevator up to her room. Principal Hutchings came and greeted us,''Kate!'' she exclaimed, ''You look amazing, I haven't seen you since the last PTA meeting, How is Tracy settling in at university?''. Tracy Lakes is my older sister, I really don't get why she went to a university which dosent have any sun! She's a Intern researcher in Alaska...''Veronica and Alissa, Hon, You can go upstairs''Ms.Hutchings, Veronica and I navigated up the stairs to wherever Lacy is. ''In here!''she said,her voice drifting in the hallway. We entered her sewing room...''Alissa! Veronica!..So glad to see you.." she said mockingly." So, Alissa, I think we should work on our Costume, So get your sketchbook." says Lacy " FIFI! I NEED THREE DOUBLE MOCHA PEPPERMINT CHOCOLATE LATTES WITH WIPPED CREAM AND BELGIAN CHOCOLATE SWIRLS, NOW!! Lacy yelled angrily in to the intercom. "Wow" I whispered to Jaimie " She got backbone". "Um.. Alissa, I told you like 5 seconds ago to get out your sketchbook" Said Lacy " Um.. Okay ? " shrugging my backpack of my shoulders, I reached in for my sketchbook as Lacy snatched it from me. "Oh wow Alissa, you are a great fashion designer"Lacy exclaimed."Anyways you guys, I talked with your moms the other day and she told me to give you guys this!!" Um.. What are we supposed to be looking at? asked Jaimie " This!!" exclaimed lacy proudly pointing behind her Desk " omigosh" i said " your All white labradoodle gave Birth??" Yup" she said " Two weeks ago." And we get to keep them?" Asked Jaimie again " Do birds fly?" asked Lacy " YEAH!!!!!" I snuggle one Underneath my chin regretting the uncharitable thoughts about her Earlier.. I murmur in to her snuggly white hair " I'm gonna name you Puff". "FI-FI!!!" Lacy yelled " Where are our lattes!!" Right here Miss Hutchings" Said Fifi very nervously. " "Fifi, you did this all wrong.. The Belgian chocolate swirls aren't in order" Lacy whined " I'll show you how to do it" Lacy walked down the stairs with Fifi to the Kitchen. " Alissa, you never told me that your a fashion designer" said Jaimie in a quiet voice. " The reason that I never told you is because, I knew that you would make a huge deal out of it and tell your dad". Jaimie's dad is a famous men fashion designer." I wouldn't have because I don't want to lose my best friend to all the Critics and the world of fame,."I'm really sorry I didn't tell you before" I said " for a present, since my mom won the lottery, we can go to Paris for Spring Break!!" OMIGOSH!!!!" Jaimie yelled. " I know right!!, Paris is gonna be Awesome!" I said excitedly " No I-its that!" Jaimie yelled in to the distance. A week later we are at Fifi's funeral. She got shot by the gunman who crept in to Lacy's house. Rev. Paul spoke " We are gathered here today... To celebrate the life of Fifi Germaine. She had a wonderful life full of happy moments and sad ones as well. May I invite Lacy Hutchings to the podium" Now Lacy spoke " Fifi, she was like a second mother who always had cared for me like I was her own daughter, she has left a hole in my heart that no-one else can fill. Thank you Fifi" she ended sadly " Dear me, I never thought that i would outlive my daughter" I overheard from Fifi's mother. The next day at school everybody had payed their respects to Lacy. " I'm so sorry Lacy" " It'sso sad" someone said sadly. Fashion with Ms. Thompson came at 3rd and 4th Period. This time I still give Ms.Thompson's outfit a look - A blue long sleeved cashmere shirt, a mustard vest, jeans which are from Calvin Klein- acid washed-, and Überhuge fluffy black boots with Pom-poms," Ok so we studied fashion History, Right?" asked Ms Thompson " Yes" we chorused " Ok now get going on your Costumes.. The Drama department is getting ready to make a Film about Audrey Hepburn And we need a lot of costumes for the Show!" I take out my Sketchbook and show Lacy the Outfit that I sketched earlier at home with Puff and some chunky monkey chocoblast Ice cream.." Wow Alissa, this is amazing... Are you on the stage crew? " "Ya,I am" "Cool, Are you guys looking for more Members?" " Yeah, we are..Why? Do you want to join?" Yeah, I actually do.."Alright, so come with me after school to the Auditorium and you can talk with Mr. Khan-Salman Khan-.. So meet me by my locker Isaid " K" she replied,. The day passed by very quick.. I ran to my locker, not even looking, I stumbled in to the cutest guy in school, Brad Martin, spilling all my fashion papers in front of him.. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Brad!"I exclaimed " It's ok Alissa.. I really like your sketches, May I walk you home?" Blushing-everyone was looking at me-I exclaimed, he knows my name! " Sure" As we walk to my house, he reaches down and holds my hand. Suddenly I feel my Teeth sharpening and have a craving for some BloodLa.. BloodLa was invented by my BVFF( best vampire friend ever) Daliah, it's a Sub drink for blood for young vampires and it comes in these bottles which look like Fiji and looks like Fiji too.. "Sorry Brad, I have to go!" I cried, running over the hills to my Daliahs house because her entire family are Vampire..Knocking Furiously I yell " DALIAH!" OPEN UP!" "What Happened??" "I ran out of BloodLa!" Can't you just tell your Mom?" "No, she's Human!" Just let me in!" As soon as I entered, I bolted towards the BloodLa MiniFridge, opened the Door and Gulped an entire bottle "Ahhhhh" Anyways Daliah, How's Life?" "Fine, Thank you very much, "she Replied. Daliah and I are about the same age but she has Medium sized Red hair and Purple Glasses and she has this really really pale waxy yellow skin..But take me for instance, Alissa Katie Lakes, Rosy skin, Bright Hazel eyes and Amazingly Silky brown hair with a beautiful pink cheeks and the exact opposite of Daliah "So how's the Villa in Transalvaynia?" "Good, but some stupid werewolf toilet-papered it.." Oh, Man that sucks.." Anyways, I gotta go, I told Lacy-Lacy Hutchings?Yeah- that I would meet her after-school cause she wants to be a part of the stage crew..But she had detention today so i have some time.."K, have a good time.."she said mockingly. I ran to Thorn Valley middle school as fast as I could and ran through the 8th Grade building to the Detention room and skidded to a stop.. waving at Lacy..Suddenly I realized that my Tiffany Toggle bracelet with my special engraving was gone.."Where did it go?"I thought in wonder.....

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New story..

Bonjour mes amis,

So I am starting a sequel to Seamless, Paradise?.. Even though Seamless is'nt finished.

Hope you guys will like it and LEAVE COMMENTS!!


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10 Super-Weird Celeb Diets...

Ashley Greene accidently starved herself during filming "Twilight Saga: New Moon". She worked 12 hours a day and had no time to eat so she lost a lot of weight
Being a Victoria's Secret Angel seems like a tough job.... Adriana Lima revealed that nine days before the annual fashion show she sticks to liquids and 12 hours before she stops drinking water just to purge water weight. Eh, sure hope she doesn't sweat a lot.

Megan Fox has said that the only way for her to get into shape is to drink a combo if apple-cider vinegar and water before every meal
Nicole Kidman was on a hardboiled egg diet while filming Cold Mountain. She simply had one egg in the morning and two eggs for dinner. Three if she was extra hungry. It must have been pretty boring.
Katie Holmes once decided to lose weight by strictly eating carrot soup for breakfast and raw broccoli for lunch and dinner. I'd starve to death!
 Madonna is sometimes on a diet called The Air Diet. It involves holding food but resisting from eating it. I think you missed the point of eating, Madonna!

Jennifer Aniston sometimes skips breakfast and drink a glass of freshly-squeezed lemon juice instead. She swears it's the best way of getting rid of fat. Sounds like a bad way to start the morning.

Beyonce was asked to lose weight when she filmed the movie Dreamgirls, so she went on the "Master Cleanse Diet" for 14 days: "I lived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days. I was just shrinking and shrinking. People were like: “Are you OK?” I didn’t feel good," she said.

When Snooki didn't like what she saw in the mirror she started following Dr. Siegal's cookie diet. It consists of eating one meal a day and six cookies to suppress hunger. It doesn't sound healthy to me!

Reese Witherspoon is known for being a fan of baby food. Her diet involves eating baby food instead of breakfast and lunch, but in the evening she eats a proper meal.

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